Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

Important Tips On Boarding Your Cat

Deanna Vasquez

If you are planning to go on vacation for an extended period of time, you may have to plan on boarding your cat for the time you will be away. While boarding facilities can offer your cat a comfy home, they may also be a source of immense stress for the animal. This article will focus on simple tips you can use to make sure your cat is comfortable and relaxed during his time in a boarding facility. 

Visit the facility

Inspecting the boarding facility where your cat will be staying is the first priority. You typically want a place that is clean, well secured, and properly ventilated. Poor ventilation can increase the risk of transmission of respiratory diseases and parasites.

Facilities with fewer pets and many staff workers are often the best, as your cat will likely get more care and attention. The boarding environment should also be quiet and relaxed, with each cat having their own cage to prevent the spread or diseases and to keep your pet shielded from other aggressive cats. 

Finally, be sure to inquire if the facility offers stimuli and exercise for the pets. Most boarding facilities will essentially have scratch posts or structures with multiple levels for the cats to climb and perch so as to remain stimulated while in the facility. Dogs should also not be housed in the same area, as their barking could stress out their feline counterparts. 

Provide food and a blanket for your cat

A sudden change in diet can potentially cause your cat digestive problems, resulting in more discomfort as he struggles to adjust to the new environment. Be sure to provide the boarding facility with a few cans of your cat's usual food to help with the adjustment process and give him a sense of familiarity. You can also give the boarding facility a list of foods that your pet is allergic to so as to ensure he is safely fed even if the supplies you provide run out. 

Familiar smells can also be very effective at keeping your cat relaxed while in a boarding facility. Numerous smells from other cats can stress out your cat, so it helps to carry a pillow or blanket from home to give your cat a comforting scent. 

Boarding your cat may be a viable option if you have to be away for a few days or longer. Ensuring your cat has familiar items and choosing a facility that offers safe and comfortable accommodation can help minimize your cat's stress and vulnerability to diseases while you're away. 

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