Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much? Looking for These Signs

Deanna Vasquez

Cats are notorious for their sleeping habits. On average, cats tend to sleep around 15 hours a day, which means most pet parents may not even notice if a cat is sleeping more than that. However, a cat that's sleeping too much may indicate that there's a serious health problem. If you're wondering if your cats are sleeping too much, here are some additional signs that something may be wrong.

Weight Changes

Cats who sleep too much may also experience weight changes, either by losing or gaining weight. Excessive sleeping can cause weight gain, as it indicates that a cat's metabolism is slowing due to a lack of activity. However, an excess of sleep can also be linked to weight loss. Cats who are spending a lot of time sleeping may also lose interest in food. If your cat isn't eating enough, they can develop fatty liver disease, which can put a cat's life at risk. If you've noticed your cat's weight is going up or down and they're seemingly sleeping more than usual, you should visit a veterinarian.


Cats will sleep more if they're ill from a virus or bacterial infection, just like humans do. Unfortunately, cats don't openly talk about their symptoms, so it's up to you to figure out if they're not feeling well. One of the most accurate ways of going about this is to check your cat for a fever.

Cats have a normal temperature range of 100.4-102.5, and anything about 102.5 is considered a fever. You can check your cat's temperature rectally with a standard thermometer. If your cat is sleeping a lot and has a fever, it's definitely cause for concern, and you should go to a vet.

Lack of Activity During Waking Hours

Some cats will simply sleep more than others, or spend more time sleeping depending on the time of year and temperature. However, cats who are sleeping more and are still healthy will still be playful during their waking hours. If your cat isn't energetic and playful while they're awake, there may be a problem.

If your cat isn't spunky while awake, it's possible that they're injured or they have an illness that they're sleeping more to recover from. In any case, a checkup may be in order to make sure that your cat is okay.

A cat sleeping isn't necessarily a sign that your cat is ill all on its own. However, if you notice your cat exhibiting any of the above symptoms, it's probably more than just extra cat naps. 


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