Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

Reasons Why You Should Consider Acupuncture For Your Dog

Deanna Vasquez

If you own a dog, there is a good chance that you want him or her to be as comfortable and as healthy as possible. This will allow your pet to lead a good, full life. However, there are some ailments that modern medication can't fully treat. You might not know where to go if your dog seems to be experiencing chronic pain. One option that you might not have yet explored is acupuncture. Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into the  pressure points of your dog's body to help improve the movement of critical fluids and improve overall health. Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before taking your dog in for an acupuncture session.

1. Is your dog clearly exhibiting pain caused by arthritis?

If your dog is getting older, you might notice that he or she is not moving around as much. This is likely due to both muscle weakness and chronic pain that is caused by arthritis. It can be hard for you to see your dog not be able to move around as easily because you really care about your dog. Acupuncture can potentially help your dog with this pain and allow him or her to live the last years of his or her life to the fullest. The way that acupuncture can help is by improving the flow of nutrients through the body, specifically oxygen, which can help reduce pain. It also helps relax your dog. This is a good option if traditional arthritis medicine is causing your dog to have an upset stomach.

2. Has your dog recently undergone surgery?

Another reason why you might want to consider acupuncture for your dog is if he or she has just undergone surgery. This is critical because acupuncture can help speed up how your dog's recovery time, allowing him or her to get back to his or her life as quickly as possible. Acupuncture can help speed up recovery time because, by improving the flow of fluid systems in your dog's body, the part of your dog's body that underwent surgery will be sure to have everything it needs in order to heal quickly and properly.

For more information, talk to your dog's vet. He or she will be able to assess if acupuncture is the right method of treatment for your dog and will help you find a licensed acupuncturist like 1st Pet Veterinary Centers to fit you needs.


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