Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

Tips To Trim-Down Chubby Canines

Deanna Vasquez

Is your service or support-dog getting pudgy? Even a few extra pounds can impact your dog's energy-level, mood, and personality; keep them fit and trim so that they can live a long and adventurous life! Try making some simple lifestyle changes that can help your canine take off a few pounds.

Some tips to help trim-down your dog include:

Change their food. Change your dog's food to a fortified, nutrient-rich kibble that will keep them feeling full. Simply changing from a high-carb food can make a significant difference in how your pet feels and acts. Add a little warm water to the kibble when serving to create a pleasing aroma and to create more volume, which will keep your dog feeling full.

Ration the treats. To help Fido shed a few pounds, limit treats. Give rawhide chews and toys that aren't ingested, instead of fatty snacks, rewards, and treats. Check the labels of your pet's favorite snacks and treats to determine how many calories they contain; talk to your vet about the ideal daily caloric intake to help your pet shed weight.

Walk every day. Make a commitment to walking more; even just 20 to 30-minutes of brisk walking has the potential to improve heart-health, improve behavior, and boost immunities- as well as shed some pounds. Be safe about it by choosing to wear reflective colors, collars, and garments to make sure you and your dog are seen.

Buy some supplements. Dietary supplements can increase your dog's metabolism and help keep him fit. Anyone, including dogs, can benefit from the health advantages of daily omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is full of anti-oxidants which can help prevent disease and foster weight-loss. These immunity-boosters also can help alleviate joint pain in active or older dogs.

Give rewards, not food. Give positive, non-food rewards like interaction, pats, and encouraging words. Some dogs enjoy being brushed, which could be a reward for good behavior. Dogs will respond favorably to this new attention, and it doesn't have the calories that fatty-treats and human nibbles have.

Test a new toy. Spend a few bucks to try some new toys with your pet. These may capture your dog's attention and curiosity, and could be used to get him to be a bit more active. Look for toys that your dog can chase, tackle, or catch when buying new things to keep your dog busy, happy, and fit.

Ask your veterinarian about an ideal weight goal for your dog, and make sure to contract your provider if your dog drastically loses weight or experiences listlessness, withdrawal, or lack of appetite. Try these tips to gently, but effectively, get your dog at a healthy and happy weight. For more ideas, contact a company like Next Generation Psychology.


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