Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

  • Three Tips For Ferret Owners

    Ferrets are adorable, playful mammals widely popular as pets. They have long, lithe bodies and necks, short legs, and keen, black eyes. If you are familiar weasels or mink, ferrets look much like those animals since they are biological relatives. There are many color varieties, but in general a ferret has a light-colored body with darker feet, tail-tip, and "mask" around the eyes. Ferrets are beloved pets because of they are playful, active, trainable, fairly easy to care for, and compared to many small pets, they live longer (between six and ten years).

  • Going Away? Tips To Calm Anxious Cats When You Go Away

    Boarding your cat is something that you may find helpful when planning a trip or when you need to be away from your home. Cats can be creatures of habit, and when they are out of their familiar surroundings, they may show signs of stress. Some ways to tell if your cat is stressed include: A change or decrease in appetite. Aggressive behavior toward other animals or humans. Hiding or isolative behavior.

  • Possible Reasons For Your Dog's Apparent Stomach Tenderness

    When you adopt a dog and bring him or her into your home, you likely automatically feel a sense of parental protectiveness over that dog. Just like a parent, you want to always keep your dog healthy and safe and feel concerned and unhappy anytime they seem to be uncomfortable or in pain. As such, when your dog begins to exhibit signs that their stomach or abdominal area is tender, either by crying or yelping when it is touched or being unable or unwilling to lie down on their stomach, you may wonder what you should do to help them feel better.

  • Is Your Cat Sleeping Too Much? Looking for These Signs

    Cats are notorious for their sleeping habits. On average, cats tend to sleep around 15 hours a day, which means most pet parents may not even notice if a cat is sleeping more than that. However, a cat that's sleeping too much may indicate that there's a serious health problem. If you're wondering if your cats are sleeping too much, here are some additional signs that something may be wrong.

  • Important Tips On Boarding Your Cat

    If you are planning to go on vacation for an extended period of time, you may have to plan on boarding your cat for the time you will be away. While boarding facilities can offer your cat a comfy home, they may also be a source of immense stress for the animal. This article will focus on simple tips you can use to make sure your cat is comfortable and relaxed during his time in a boarding facility.

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