Protecting Your Pets

Protecting Your Pets

  • Tips To Trim-Down Chubby Canines

    Is your service or support-dog getting pudgy? Even a few extra pounds can impact your dog's energy-level, mood, and personality; keep them fit and trim so that they can live a long and adventurous life! Try making some simple lifestyle changes that can help your canine take off a few pounds. Some tips to help trim-down your dog include: Change their food. Change your dog's food to a fortified, nutrient-rich kibble that will keep them feeling full.

  • Reasons Why You Should Consider Acupuncture For Your Dog

    If you own a dog, there is a good chance that you want him or her to be as comfortable and as healthy as possible. This will allow your pet to lead a good, full life. However, there are some ailments that modern medication can't fully treat. You might not know where to go if your dog seems to be experiencing chronic pain. One option that you might not have yet explored is acupuncture.

  • Three Reasons NOT To Cross-Breed Different Labrador Dogs

    Purebred dogs are bred to keep certain desirable characteristics of a breed within the same line and breed of dog. When you cross-breed dogs, you are never quite certain what you will get. Even cross-breeding closely-related breeds, such as the golden Labrador, black Labrador, and chocolate Labrador can have some unexpected and unwanted results. If you enter the world of lab puppy breeders, make sure the breeder is not cross-breeding willy-nilly.

  • Three Tips For Ferret Owners

    Ferrets are adorable, playful mammals widely popular as pets. They have long, lithe bodies and necks, short legs, and keen, black eyes. If you are familiar weasels or mink, ferrets look much like those animals since they are biological relatives. There are many color varieties, but in general a ferret has a light-colored body with darker feet, tail-tip, and "mask" around the eyes. Ferrets are beloved pets because of they are playful, active, trainable, fairly easy to care for, and compared to many small pets, they live longer (between six and ten years).

  • Going Away? Tips To Calm Anxious Cats When You Go Away

    Boarding your cat is something that you may find helpful when planning a trip or when you need to be away from your home. Cats can be creatures of habit, and when they are out of their familiar surroundings, they may show signs of stress. Some ways to tell if your cat is stressed include: A change or decrease in appetite. Aggressive behavior toward other animals or humans. Hiding or isolative behavior.

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Protecting Your Pets

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